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Comprehensive project management

Project management services

We provide our contract customers with complete plans and layout drawings concerning our kitchen types, equipment and other issues that are suited to the customer’s kitchen. We also consult and advise the kitchen personnel in the use of the equipment.

If necessary, we take care of building permit matters with the authorities so that the customer does not have to worry about them.

Design services

We provide our contract customers with complete plans, layout drawings and equipment plans, tailored to the customer’s needs. The customer does not have to think about what kind of a kitchen is needed for a particular purpose. Instead, we take care of all the practical aspects on behalf of the customer in a professional manner. Kitchen professionals plan a well-functioning food preparation kitchen or distribution kitchen with the customer’s needs in mind. There is continuous communication with the customer throughout the contract period.

Construction services

As part of the project, we also carry out HVAC services and excavation and connection work up to the kitchen and canteen facilities, and connect these to the corresponding interfaces of the kitchen and canteen facilities. We implement ground work for canteen facilities independently, complete with all work and materials. Moreover, we carry out internal and external connection work for the kitchen and canteen facilities in a professional manner.

Transport services

We take care of the transport and installation services of our food preparation kitchens, distribution kitchens and other products in a timely manner and at a point in time that suits the customer everywhere in Finland, the other Nordic countries and the Baltic countries.

Maintenance services

We carry out the maintenance, refurbishment and repairs of all our kitchen types quickly, effortlessly and professionally.

Support services

The customer can get assistance in all questions relating to our kitchen facilities.

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Customer groups

  • Construction sites in the Nordic countries
  • HoReCa sector
  • Power plant sites
  • Paper and pulp mills
  • Shipping industry
  • Mining industry
  • Joint municipal authorities
  • Hospitals
  • Defence Forces
  • Race events
  • Winter sports centres

RCK Rentals

We are the leading manufacturer, seller, renter and distributor of temporary food preparation kitchen and distribution kitchen facilities in Finland. We possess solid expertise in the implementation of innovative solutions for food preparation kitchens and distribution kitchens used by our quality-conscious customers in all Nordic countries. All our kitchen models and their special solutions are designed with particular emphasis on the harsh northern winter conditions. We have taken severe winter circumstances into account in everything we do, such as in the installations of water and sewer pipes in the kitchen barracks.